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  • Which browsers do you support?

    I came across this older blog post today and it got me to thinking about which browsers you, as a web developer at the university level, support. The author had some nice graphs in there which listed which browsers he supports and to what extent he does. I’m writing mostly to get my own thoughts […]

  • Firefox Moving to Chrome’s Dev Model

    Firefox is moving to Chrome’s development model of rolling releases, getting away from the large, cumbersome release schedules that have been the norm for the project for a very long time. Of course, the first thing they need to do is release Firefox 4, finally, and then ramp up the new production model to try […]

  • On Wording for Webpages

    I frequent the University Web Developers social network and try to keep up with what is being talked about there. Mainly this has to do with my current work as a webmaster/web developer/web person at Martin Luther College, but it doesn’t take much to take some of the discussions going on there and expanding them to the […]