About Me

My name is Bob and this is my blog/site/portfolio/whatever.

avatar 20160628 squareI currently live in New Ulm, Minnesota with my wonderful and beautiful wife Laura and my sons Jamis, Levi, and Karl. My faith and my family are the focus on my life. I attend the same church I was baptized in and have had the distinct privilege of getting married there and watching my three sons also be baptized at the same font that I was. We currently live in a quiet neighborhood in the middle of the city with our dog, Molly.

Professionally I currently work in IT operations for Martin Luther College, my alma mater. I took a four-month “sabbatical” to work for Apple Inc. in Glendale, WI as a Genius on one of their Apple Stores but I’m back for good. It was a wonderful experience where I met some great people and learned a lot, but we are happy to be back.

I work extensively with Apple, Micro Focus, SUSE, Microsoft, and open source technologies. I have a soft spot for openSUSE and I usually have an installation sitting on one of my machines so that I can keep up with what is “coming down the pipe” from SUSE.